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    Today, the campus held a grand Qingyuan Dan activities, we are early to come to school Qingyuan Dan.

    Commencement of the event, we went to a classroom, you see a brilliant classroom, classroom middle of two intersecting lines. Line, there are colorful ribbons, in the middle of the intersection there is a large wreath, hanging from the windows wax flower, beautiful to watch. Close to the riddle on the blackboard one by one card, one by one they like the little face, as if to say: came for me, ah, seize me that you certainly imagine not.!( )

    First, the school programs, is to give last year‘s entry Red Cross will be issued listing the students. They can be happy, for it is very lucky on television, they bloom everybody laugh.

    Is behind the activities of our class, and first riddles, the host asked the students to the blackboard to find puzzle cards, take one to know one, I took two. Host selection up to read, I am the first to be elected to, and they are all guessed it!

    After a child, the teacher and several classmates asked me to guess riddles, holding a ticket hall, we have one to the venue, we have almost desperate, because we arrived late, almost no riddles, but also drawing huge crowds, I walked around, not a riddle, when I suddenly saw a lantern riddles, so Ben, such as tiger, call to run soon as the past, a grasp, so I shouted: find. We are very excited to said: Fantastic! But I said: captured the farmer ah, to be guess it! I looked at the e bar! I think I learned my answers are wrong, we think hard, but also have no idea. After a while child, I feel tired, and himself, said: fried tofu, not old, ah. Zhou Ying-chun 1, received revelation, said: Yes I. We asked her: Why? Zhou Ying-chun said with confidence: fried bean curd is not on the old Well, so I thought. We want several times, said: Well, it has. We came in right answers fast to accept the award Goods team behind.

    Soon, to us, I said: Yes I. Teachers are the answer a bit, when my heart is like a ping-pong, pound, to jump, we saw the teacher said with a smile: Yes, take away Bar! The teacher gave me a small pendant, and we ran back to the classroom and told the teacher that we guessed right, and I also gave the teachers a small pendant, the teacher smiled and said: It‘s beautiful, thank you.

    Followed by reading our class of Wang Wan-yu, Tang Yunjie come accompanied by the beautiful sound of the violin and the sweet sound of, let us enchanted.

    After the cultural performance, we began to enjoy myself all at home, and bring schools to the dish, my favorite is the Lin Anqi of scrambled eggs, fresh and delicious extreme.

    This Qingyuan Dan activities, I had a good time, ah!

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