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    英语作文:冬天的早晨The Winter Morning

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    英语作文:冬天的早晨The Winter Morning

    Thewinter morning is very cold. I don’t want to get up at all. The bed is so warmand comfortable, but the outside is too cold. Every morning, my mother pulls meup from my bed. It takes much longer to get up. But I like the breakfast inwinter morning, because mother often cooks hot food for me. It makes me muchwarmer. Because of the cold weather, father often takes me to school, so I don’thave to ride my bike or take a bus. In one world, the winter morning is coldand I just want to stay indoor.

    冬天的早晨很冷。我一点都不想起床。床是如此舒适和温暖,但外面很冷。每天早上,我的妈妈把我从我的床上拽起来。起床需要很长的时间。但是我喜欢冬天早晨的早餐,因为妈妈经常把热的`食物给我。它使我暖和多了。因为寒冷的天气,爸爸经常送我去学校 ,这样我就不用骑自行车或者坐公车了。总之作文素材,冬天的早晨很冷,我只想呆在室内。

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